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Diversity, Communication and Conflict Resolution


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Given that the Safari industry attracts a wide array of guests and employs a diverse workforce, it becomes crucial to cultivate an environment that places a high value on inclusivity, effective communication, and adept conflict resolution. This course acknowledges that individuals' capacity to thrive in diverse settings, benefits them personally and is pivotal in enhancing the overall well-being of communities and organisations. By nurturing cultural competence, improving communication skills, and honing conflict resolution abilities, participants will be better equipped to deal with the challenges and opportunities.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding different types of communication.
  • Be able to communicate exceptionally well.
  • Understanding communication styles and preferences.
  • Ensuring effective communication with diverse audiences.
  • Understanding and mastering nonverbal communication
  • Understand and mastering verbal communication.
  • Understand and excelling in written communication.

Course Content

This short learning course covers various topics about effective communication within the Safari Lodge industry. You will define and distinguish between multiple communication methods and gain insight into when and how to utilise different communication types effectively. The course also equips you to ecognize common communication challenges in the Safari Lodge setting and provides strategies to overcome these barriers, ensuring the successful delivery of messages.

Furthermore, you will learn clear and concise communication techniques and the importance of active listening skills to enhance understanding in interactions with guests and staff. Recognising different communication styles and preferences among guests and staff is emphasised, and you can adapt communication approaches to cater to individual preferences for improved interactions.

Cultural sensitivity in communication is central to this course, helping you engage effectively with diverse audiences and providing strategies to address language and cultural differences. Nonverbal communication is explored broadly, enabling you to apply it effectively to enhance guest interactions across various Safari Lodge contexts.

Additionally, the course teaches you how to adapt communication tone and style to suit different situations and audiences, promoting effective communication in diverse scenarios. Lastly, you will develop written communication skills tailored to the specific needs of Safari Lodge operations.


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