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Guest Service


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The Safari and Lodging industry presents distinct challenges and prospects in customer service. These challenges stem from the specialised nature of services and the expectations of guests who frequently regard their journey as a "once-in-a-lifetime" experience. Given the unique blend of hospitality and adventure in often remote locations, staff members require a skill set to meet and surpass guest expectations. The course provides industry-specific training materials by delivering exceptional customer service and fostering an understanding of working within the Safari and Lodging context.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the importance and role of guest service in shaping the safari and lodging experience.
  • Gain insights into the unique needs, expectations, and motivations of guests who choose safari and lodging holidays.
  • Develop effective communication skills tailored to diverse guest needs, including managing expectations and providing clear and concise information.
  • Acquire problem-solving skills necessary for handling unique challenges that come with the safari and lodging settings, such as dealing with wildlife concerns or emergency situations.
  • Learn techniques for upselling and cross-selling services and products that enhance the guest experience, thereby maximising revenue.
  • Understand how to collaborate effectively within a team to provide seamless service to guests.

Course Content

Participants will understand the importance of excellent guest service, recognising its direct impact on guest satisfaction, retention, and overall business success.

You will explore various methods to understand and to anticipate guests’ needs and expectations in the Safari and Lodging environment. Practical verbal and written communication skills are demonstrated across different scenarios, from initial contact to addressing specific conditions or complaints.

The course also equips you with problem-solving techniques to resolve guest challenges unique to the Safari and Lodging industry, allowing you to transform challenges into opportunities for enhancing guest satisfaction. Additionally, you will learn to identify opportunities for upselling and cross-selling products and services, aligned to guest needs and successfully execute these sales strategies.

Implementing practical teamwork skills, through effective communication and coordination with other departments is emphasized to provide a superior guest experience. Furthermore, the course emphasizes an understanding of and commitment to sustainable practices, particularly crucial in the Safari setting. Topics such as water conservation and respecting local wildlife are covered. This aligns with the expectations of an increasingly eco-conscious clientele.

Lastly, participants will understand the protocols for ensuring guest safety and security, particularly in outdoor and wildlife settings. You will demonstrate the ability to execute these protocols effectively, ensuring a secure and enjoyable guest experience. 


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