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Lean Management and Efficiencies


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The Waste Management and Efficiencies course aims to provide you with the expertise necessary to implement lean management principles to reduce wastage. By examining and rectifying different types of waste and applying lean strategies, individuals involved will enhance operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and overall guest satisfaction. This course promotes a short grasp of lean concepts and firsthand techniques, empowering participants to initiate beneficial transformations within their Lodging establishments.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the importance of waste management
  • Types of waste in the Safari Lodge industry
  • Techniques used for effective waste management
  • Importance of efficiencies in resource utilisation
  • Understand the lean management principles 
  • Measuring and monitoring waste and efficiencies
  • Best practices for waste management

Course Content

In this short learning course, you will learn to identify various types of waste unique to the lodging environment and gain an understanding of the critical importance of effective waste management in sustaining Safari operations. Furthermore, you will be taught to implement waste management techniques tailored to the Safari setting, ensuring you can address these challenges effectively.

This course will also introduce you to lean management principles and illustrate how they apply within the context of a Safari Lodge. You will discover how lean principles can be strategically employed to optimise operations and reduce wastage. A crucial aspect of your learning journey will be the ability to measure and monitor waste and efficiency metrics, allowing you to track and quantify improvements in your Lodge's sustainability efforts.

Moreover, you will gain the skills needed to identify and address any obstacles or challenges in waste management and pinpoint opportunities for further enhancements. By the end of this course, you'll be well-prepared to positively impact your Safari Lodge's sustainability initiatives, contribute to operational efficiency, and foster an environment of responsible waste management.


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