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Property Management System (Opera)

Property Management System (Opera)


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Full course description

Course Rationale

This course will provide an understanding of the OPERA Property Management System (PMS), a widely used software solution in the hospitality industry. Beginning with the basics, learners will grasp essential functions like guest check-in/check-out, room assignments, billing, and reservations management. Participants will gain proficiency in efficiently completing common tasks within the system, enabling them to navigate operational challenges effectively. Troubleshooting common issues with OPERA PMS is also covered, ensuring participants can identify and resolve problems promptly. Additionally, the course explores how OPERA PMS enhances operational efficiency and productivity in hospitality settings. Emphasizing its role in improving guest service, the course highlights its capabilities in personalizing guest experiences, enhancing communication, and maintaining comprehensive guest profiles.


Learning Outcomes

  • Familiarise oneself with the core architecture and interface of the OPERA Property Management System (PMS). 
  • Recognise and navigate the primary modules, features, and functions within OPERA PMS. 
  • Demonstrate proficiency in executing essential lodge tasks such as guest check-in, check-out, billing, and reservation management using OPERA PMS. 
  • Diagnose and resolve common user errors and system-generated issues encountered within OPERA PMS. 
  • Harness advanced functionalities of OPERA PMS to enhance operational efficiency and streamline hotel processes. 
  • Utilise OPERA PMS's features to personalise guest experiences, leading to heightened guest satisfaction and loyalty.


Topics Covered

  • Introduction to the OPERA Property Management System (PMS)
  • Introduction to common tasks in OPERA PMS
  • Troubleshooting common problems with OPERA PMS
  • Using OPERA PMS to improve efficiency and productivity
  • Improving guest service by using OPERA PMS


By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Navigate and utilise OPERA PMS with confidence, capitalising on its comprehensive features for optimal lodge management. 
  • Efficiently handle routine lodge tasks and operations through the system, reducing manual errors and boosting productivity. 
  • Troubleshoot and rectify prevalent challenges in OPERA PMS, ensuring minimal operational disruptions. 
  • Implement strategies and best practices in OPERA PMS to boost lodge efficiency, productivity, and overall performance. 
  • Elevate guest service standards and experiences by effectively leveraging the capabilities of OPERA PMS.