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Purchasing Management


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Procurement management, which can also be referred to as purchasing management, includes the procedures involved in acquiring necessary goods, services, and raw materials for the Safari Lodge industry. These procedures require strategic planning, sourcing, negotiations, contract management, and cultivating supplier relationships. The primary goal of efficient procurement management is to secure top-quality products at favourable prices, guarantee timely deliveries, and foster strong partnerships with dependable suppliers. This function is critical in cost optimisation, inventory control, and enhancing Lodge's efficiency and prosperity.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand Procurement Fundamentals
  • Evaluate Supplier Relationships
  • Conduct Effective Negotiations
  • Manage Contracts and Agreements
  • Adhere to Ethical and Sustainable Practices
  • Ensure Regulatory Compliance
  • Promote Continuous Improvement
  • Integrate Procurement with Supply Chain Management
  • Contribute to Lodge Success 

Course Content

This short learning course covers various topics essential for effective purchasing management within the Safari Lodge industry. You will first gain an in-depth understanding of key concepts, principles, and processes. The course emphasises supplier selection, teaching you how to assess and choose suppliers based on quality, reliability, sustainability, and cultural relevance, and in particularly for Safari menus and services.

Ethical and sustainable procurement practices are a central focus, emphasising their role in supporting wildlife conservation, responsible sourcing, and ethical standards within the Safari industry. You will develop efficient procedures for receiving, storing, and managing inventory in Safari establishments to ensure product quality, minimise waste, and optimise stock levels.

The course also covers legal considerations and regulations specific to Safari purchasing, pertaining to contract law, intellectual property rights, and health and safety regulations. You will learn to identify essential equipment and services required for Safari operations and develop cost-effective procurement and maintenance strategies, contributing to cost efficiency.

The course underscores how effective purchasing management can impact Safari guest experiences, leading to exceptional customer satisfaction and loyalty. 


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