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Safari Facilities Management & Design


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In the area of hospitality, particularly within the distinctive environment of Safari Lodges, there is a requirement for specialised expertise in Facilities Management and Design. The primary objective of this course is to meet this demand by providing participants with the essential skills and approaches for developing and overseeing facilities that not only deliver exceptional guest experiences but also adhere to sustainable principles and utilise innovative technologies. The ability to ensure a harmonious balance between luxury, efficiency, sustainability, and safety is imperative for thriving in this sector. Consequently, this course imparts a short understanding of design principles, management strategies, and emerging industry trends.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the importance of sustainable and locally sourced building materials in Safari Lodge construction.
  • Gain skills in designing Lodge layouts that prioritise both guest safety and comfort.
  • Develop the skills to implement and manage eco-friendly housekeeping protocols.
  • Acquire the knowledge to source and serve food and beverages in accordance with health standards and sustainability goals.
  • Learn to formulate and execute security protocols specific to Safari/Lodge and remote settings.
  • Understand the principles of energy and water management in a sustainability context.
  • Be aware of technology solutions that can improve operational efficiency and enhance guest experience without compromising on ecological responsibility.

Course Content

This short learning course covers various essential topics to equip you with a well-rounded skill set for success in the Safari Lodge industry. Throughout the course, you will learn to assess and select appropriate building materials and design layouts that seamlessly blend aesthetic appeal with functional requirements, ensuring an inviting and efficient environment. To uphold the Lodge's standards, you will also gain expertise in implementing adequate facilities management practices, including waste management, cleaning, and maintenance.

A significant focus will be on designing and managing food and beverage services that maintain high hygiene standards and adhere to sustainability principles. Safety is paramount, and the course will train you to create and execute short learning safety protocols for guests and staff, particularly regarding wildlife interactions and emergency response.

Moreover, you will delve into sustainability initiatives, including integrating renewable energy solutions and water conservation methods, contributing to eco-friendly Lodge operations. The course will also guide you in effectively incorporating modern technology and automation to enhance the guest experience while emphasising sustainability and operational efficiency.

Throughout the course, you will critically examine case studies and real-world examples, providing valuable insights to continually adapt and improve facilities management and design practices within your Lodge operations. By the course's conclusion, you'll be well-prepared to create exceptional Safari Lodge experiences that strike a harmonious balance between aesthetics, functionality, sustainability, and safety while embracing the latest industry trends and innovations.


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