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Human Resource Management


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This course aims to provide participants with vital insights for successful organisational management. It is a fundamental initiation into organisational behaviour, imparting essential principles to help participants understand workplace interactions. Beyond this foundational knowledge, the course delves into more advanced subjects such as corporate culture, managing change, and fostering innovation. These advanced topics equip participants with the means to cultivate a positive work atmosphere and promote adaptability within organisations. A focal point of the course is strategic Human Resource Management (HRM) practices, emphasising the alignment of HR strategies with organisational goals to enhance overall success.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain the foundational theories and principles of organisational behaviour.
  • Assess how individual characteristics and perceptions influence workplace dynamics.
  • Distinguish between various leadership styles and their effects on team engagement and productivity.
  • Identify the key components that constitute an organisational culture.
  • Evaluate the role of organisational culture in shaping employee behaviour and organisational effectiveness.
  • Outline the steps involved in managing organisational change successfully.
  • Propose evidence-based strategies for fostering innovation within a team or organisation.
  • Articulate the role of strategic planning in Human Resource Management.
  • Design HR strategies that align with the overarching objectives of an organisation.
  • Develop a comprehensive HR plan that includes workforce planning, skill gap analysis, and budgetary considerations.
  • Describe various tools and techniques for assessing employee performance, such as KPIs and 360-degree feedback.
  • Implement best practices for managing employee performance, including goal-setting, monitoring, and coaching.
  • Discuss the psychological theories that underpin human motivation and performance.
  • Devise solutions for addressing challenges in performance management, including underperformance and talent retention.

Course Content

This short learning course encompasses many essential topics to deepen your understanding of organisational management. You will first explore theories and principles that form the foundation of organisational behavior, enabling you to evaluate how individual traits and characteristics influence team dynamics. Additionally, you will learn to distinguish between different leadership styles and their impact on employee motivation and productivity, contributing to effective leadership within organisations.

Further, the course delves into the elements of organisational culture, examining its profound influence on employee behaviour and overall organisational success. You will gain insights into managing organisational change and discover strategies to foster innovation, nurturing adaptability, and growth.

The significance of strategic planning in Human Resource Management (HRM) will be articulated, empowering you to formulate HR strategies aligned with broader organisational objectives. You will be able to draft a short learning HR plan encompassing critical aspects such as workforce planning, skills gap analysis, and budgetary considerations, ensuring HR practices contribute effectively to organisational success.

Performance Management is another component of this course. You will learn various methods for assessing employee performance, including Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and 360-degree feedback, and gain proficiency in implementing performance management best practices. Additionally, you will explore psychological theories related to human motivation, equipping you with strategies to overcome common challenges in performance management. By the end of this course, you will be well-prepared to navigate in the dynamic field of organisational management, enhancing your ability to contribute to a positive work environment and organisational success.


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