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Certified Lodge Business Executive


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Full program description

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  1. Health and Safety 
  2. Human Resource Management 
  3. Training and Development 
  4. Financial Management Principles 
  5. Leadership Management Principles


This comprehensive program certificate for Certified Lodge Business Executives encompasses essential areas for success. In Health and Safety, participants explore unique challenges, identify potential hazards, and implement safety protocols, focusing on personal hygiene and food handling.  Transitioning to Human Resource Management, the programme delves into foundational theories of organizational behaviour, examining individual characteristics' influence on workplace dynamics.

Distinguishing leadership styles and understanding their effects on team engagement and productivity, participants also explore key components shaping organizational culture. The Training and Development module enhances expertise in assessing needs, instructional design, and training tools, preparing individuals for roles in mentoring, supervision, and management development.

Financial Management Principles cover revenue, expenses, budgets, and profits, along with purchasing, inventory, menu costing, and financial statement analysis. Leadership Management Principles guide participants in understanding leadership's pivotal role in hospitality, fostering effective leadership, team management, and adaptability.

This program offers a holistic education for aspiring Lodge Business Executives in the dynamic hospitality industry.


Duration: 236 hours 


Learning Outcomes:

Health and Safety 

  1. Understand the unique health and safety challenges. 
  2. Identify potential hazards and risks.
  3. Implement effective safety protocols and procedures.
  4. Demonstrate proper personal hygiene practices, food handling techniques, and more.

Human Resource Management

  1. Explain the foundational theories and principles of organisational behaviour.
  2. Assess how individual characteristics and perceptions influence workplace dynamics.
  3. Distinguish between various leadership styles and their effects on team engagement and productivity.
  4. Identify the key components that constitute an organisational culture and more.

Training and Development

  1. Assess training needs and instructional design. 
  2. Training tools, techniques and with technology.
  3. Orientation, socialisation, and hourly employee training.
  4. Mentoring, supervisory, management development, and more.

Financial Management Principles

  1. Understanding revenue, expenses, budgets, and profits.
  2. Understanding the process of purchasing, receiving, and inventory management.
  3. Menu Costing and pricing for food and beverage establishments.
  4. Cost control and financial statement analysis. 
  5. Revenue, profit management, and more.

Leadership Management Principles

  1. Understand the role of leadership in hospitality.
  2. Develop effective leadership skills.
  3. Manage and motivate teams.
  4. Embrace change, adaptability, and more.