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Front Office Management


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The Front Office department is the property's welcoming presence and is used as a channel for primary communication. Regardless of the Lodge's size or star rating, this is where guests initially shape their impressions and express their requirements. It acts as a bridge between guests and the entire team, functioning as a critical operational component where guests directly engage with the staff upon arrival. It serves as the central hub of the whole operation.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of Front Office staff 
  • Effective communication and guest service skills 
  • Understand the key elements of Front Office management
  • Communicate verbally, non-verbally & in a written manner
  • Apply active listening and empathy skills 
  • Effectively manage conflict 
  • Use software and systems to manage reservations, room assignments, and guest profiles 
  • Demonstrate a professional demeanour and appearance
  • Collaborate effectively with other departments

Course Content

This short learning course covers the roles and responsibilities of Front Office staff and recognising their significance. The course emphasises the importance of effective communication and guest service skills in Front Office operations, enabling you to interact professionally with guests, colleagues, and superiors through verbal and written communication.

You will identify critical elements of Front Office Management, including reservations, check-in/check-out procedures, and guest handling. In developing active listening and empathy skills, you will become proficient in dealing with guest inquiries, complaints, and requests while maintaining a positive guest experience. Additionally, you will learn conflict resolution techniques to handle challenging situations effectively.

The course also covers utilising Front Office software and systems, allowing you to manage reservations, room assignments, and guest profiles efficiently. You will be trained to maintain a professional demeanor and appearance, serving as a representative of the Lodge at the front desk. Collaboration is a central theme, and you will learn to work effectively with other departments to ensure seamless guest experiences and the smooth operation of the Lodge. 


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