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Full program description

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  1. Leadership Management Principles
  2. Occupancy Data Analysis
  3. Training & Development
  4. Events Planning and Management
  5. Event Operations and Logistics
  6. Front Office Management


This comprehensive Programme Certificate, tailored for Certified Reservations Specialists, encompasses vital facets of the dynamic hospitality industry. In the Leadership Management Principles module, participants delve into developing effective leadership skills, mastering team management, and fostering adaptability to navigate changes seamlessly. The Occupancy Data Analysis segment equips specialists to discern the significance of occupancy data, enabling them to make informed decisions and communicate findings effectively to stakeholders.

Training and Development covers a spectrum of skills, from assessing needs and instructional design to utilizing tools and technology, ensuring participants are well-versed in effective training practices. Event Planning and Management instils proficiency in planning events in Safari Lodge settings, while Event Operations and Logistics focus on coordinating setups, managing logistics, and ensuring seamless event infrastructure. The Front Office Management module provides a comprehensive understanding of roles, communication, and guest service skills, crucial for efficiently managing Front Office operations.

This holistic certificate ensures participants are thoroughly prepared for success in the nuanced realm of reservations and hospitality.

Duration: 228 hours 

Learning Outcomes:

Leadership Management Principles

  1. Understand the role of leadership in hospitality.
  2. Develop effective leadership skills.
  3. Manage and motivate teams.
  4. Embrace change and adaptability. 

 Occupancy Data Analysis

  1. Understand the significance of occupancy data in the safari and lodging industry.
  2. Utilise occupancy data for making informed business decisions.
  3. Identify areas of improvement based on data analysis.
  4. Effectively communicate the findings and recommendations to stakeholders.

Training and Development

  1. Assessing training needs and instructional design.
  2. Training tools, techniques and with technology.
  3. Orientation, socialisation, and hourly employee training.
  4. Mentoring, supervisory, and management development.

Event Planning and Management 

  1. Understand the uniqueness of planning events in safari lodge settings.
  2. Master the "Event Triangle and Bidding Process."
  3. Gain proficiency in planning different types of events in remote locations.
  4. Achieve a high level of service excellence, programming procedures, and risk management.

Event Operations and Logistics

  1. Plan and coordinate event setups and seating arrangements.
  2. Manage event logistics, transportation, and storage efficiently.
  3. Implement guest management strategies, including registration and communication.
  4. Manage event infrastructure and logistics.

Front Office Management

  1. Understand the roles and responsibilities of front office staff.
  2. Effective communication and guest service skills.
  3. Understand the key elements of front office management.
  4. Communicate verbally, non-verbally, and in a written manner.