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Housekeeping Management


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Housekeeping in the hospitality sector, influencing overall guest satisfaction. When efficiently managed, housekeeping operations can result in higher customer contentment, repeat bookings, and favorable reviews, vital for success in the present competitive hospitality landscape. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the Role and Importance of Housekeeping
  • Apply Industry-Specific Best Practices
  • Ensure Safety and Quality
  • Implement Environmental Practices
  • Manage Resources Efficiently
  • Handle Guest Interactions
  • Supervise and Train Staff
  • Conduct Audits and Quality Checks
  • Utilise Technology
  • Measure and Evaluate Performance

Course Content

You will understand the role of housekeeping in the context of guest service and the safari lodge business model. Specialised housekeeping strategies tailored to this industry's unique needs and challenges will be explored.

Ensuring safety remains a priority as you learn to adhere to industry safety standards, safeguarding guests, and staff. Sustainability is another critical aspect, emphasising eco-friendly housekeeping practices relevant to the safari lodge setting.

Efficient resource management is covered, inclusive of workforce, equipment, and consumables. You will also explore essential guest interaction skills, including handling special requests and resolving complaints professionally.

For those aspiring to lead housekeeping teams, this course will provide the necessary leadership skills for practical team training and management. You will learn how to conduct regular quality checks and audits to maintain compliance with industry and internal standards.

In addition, you will delve into the role of technology in modern housekeeping management, including using management software for scheduling, inventory control, and reporting. To assess the success of housekeeping operations, you will become familiar with metrics and key performance indicators. 


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