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Leadership & Management


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In this rapidly changing and customer-focused sector, effective leadership is vital in establishing a positive workplace atmosphere, motivating teams, and delivering outstanding guest experiences. The Leadership and Management in the Hospitality Industry course aims to provide managers with the knowledge, competencies, and strategies necessary to excel in leadership positions within this diverse and fast-paced field. Participants will explore various leadership approaches, organisational structures, employee development methods, and guest satisfaction techniques. Combining theoretical insights with practical case studies, this course empowers aspiring and current hospitality leaders to thrive, foster team achievements, and enhance the overall quality of guest experiences.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the Role of Leadership in Hospitality
  • Develop Effective Leadership Skills
  • Manage and Motivate Teams
  • Embrace Change and Adaptability
  • Implement Effective Communication
  • Set and Achieve Organizational Goals
  • Lead Through Ethical and Sustainable
  • Demonstrate Effective Crisis Management

Course Content

This short learning course introduces the multifaceted role of leaders in the Safari Lodge industry, providing participants with an understanding of their unique responsibilities. You will learn to define the qualities and skills essential for thriving as a leader in this dynamic environment, with a particular focus on the importance of conservation, guest experiences, and effective team management.

You will gain insights into the challenges and rewards of leadership in the Safari Lodge context. You will also explore the intricacies of power dynamics within the industry and its influence on leadership.

The course equips you with knowledge of strategies to empower team members and foster a collaborative work environment by enhancing communication skills to inspire, motivate, and engage teams. You will learn to create a positive, inclusive communication culture that encourages open dialogue.

Setting clear SMART goals and aligning individual and team objectives with the organisation's vision and mission is vital.  Creating actionable plans to achieve set goals and the importance of monitoring progress effectively is key. The course also focuses on fostering a culture of accountability and continuous improvement through goal setting.

Conflict management is addressed broadly, helping you identify familiar sources of conflict in the Safari Lodge industry and implement effective resolution techniques. Demonstrating emotional intelligence and empathy in resolving disputes among team members is essential, and you will develop preventive plans to minimise potential conflicts and maintain a positive work environment.

Moreover, you will analyse the characteristics of high-performing teams in the Safari Lodge industry and learn how to foster teamwork, trust, and collaboration to achieve exceptional results. Overcoming challenges specific to high-performance teams in the Safari Lodge setting is also explored, with a strong emphasis on creating a continuous learning and development culture to enhance team performance. 


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